Upon placing your order you supply us with the chosen image for your unique silhouette.  Being car nuts ourselves many of the examples pictured illustrate vintage cars but the subject can be just about anything.  It doesn't need to be a pure profile shot although these do work well, we can incorporate a degree of perspective effect making your example particularly unique.  A good contrast between the subject and the background is helpful though not essential.


We import your image into our CAD system where we manually generate the vector line sketch including details that ensure the unique essence of the subject is captured.  We then generate a 3D model of the design and will supply model images for your approval.

Upon your approval we will submit your design for cutting.  This process perfectly replicates the 3D model profile in stainless steel. 


Finally we package up your weathervane and send it to you. We will advise the expected delivery date upon receiving your order, we aim to satisfy all orders within 4 to 6 weeks.

We can of course manufacture to any size you require smaller or larger, shorter or taller, and supply any type of non standard mounting bracket you may require, please ask.

Prices for a bespoke design start at £250 dependent on the complexity of the subject.

To make an enquiry please contact us here