Our engineered weathervanes are manufactured almost entirely from 316 'marine' grade stainless steel to ensure a long low maintenance life in even the harshest of environments.    Good functionality comes down to careful consideration of the design details.  The assembly is evenly balanced about the axis of rotation and incorporates a point contact bearing to ensure smooth low friction operation for a clear response in even a light breeze.

The standard sized design measures approximately 500 mm (20") across the cardinal points and the direction arrow is approximately 700 mm (27.5") from point to tail.  The centre support extends 630 mm below the cardinal points.  This size is well suited to decorative use on all kinds of garages, motor houses and outbuildings or in the garden for example as a centrepiece mounted on a post or pergola.    The centre post is made from solid 1/2" diameter stainless steel bar.  The typical weathervane assembly weighs approximately 5 kg. 


We can supply simple brackets to allow retro fitting to a gable end or similar vertical surface, we do not recommend these for mounting above a height of 4 to 5 metres.  If you would like to go higher we can supply on request a more substantial centre post and bracket.

We generate our unique designs by hand, generating a model of the finished design in CAD.  The finished designs are precision cut on a laser cutting machine perfectly reproducing the detail in 3 mm thick stainless steel sheet.


As standard we supply our weathervanes in the clean natural stainless steel finish.

Prices start at £210 plus postage for one of our existing designs, these are illustrated in the gallery below.  We also advertise our existing stock here on the Folksy website


If you don't see a design below that you like we can generate a bespoke weathervane design for you, for example of your unique car, boat or a particular animal, almost anything you can imagine, see here for further information. 

We can of course manufacture to any size you require smaller or larger, shorter or taller, and supply any type of non standard mounting bracket you may require, please ask.

To make an enquiry please contact us here

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